woman-appleNow here is some depressing news to start off the week with – a woman in Australia picked up a couple of iPhones after she posted an advertisement on a website, only to find out after dropping $1,300 for what she thought were two iPhones, ended up with a couple of boxes with one apple each inside. The Herald Sun reported that the core of an agreement was reached between the woman and another woman who phoned her after seeing the advertisement. Having arranged to meet up at a McDonald’s in the Sunnybank suburb of Brisbane, the buyer passed AUD$1,500 Australian (approximately $1,336), but she failed to check the contents of her box, only to realize that she found an apple in each box.

Of course, there is always the “buyer beware” mantra being thrown about whenever one purchases something online, and the literal apples in the boxes added a touch of irony to the entire situation. They must not have been good quality apples either, considering how there was not a whiff of apple smell to give the game away. Just remember, the next time you purchase something from someone, open up the box in the presence to verify the contents before parting with your money. Even better yet, always buy from legitimate channels and authorized dealers. After all, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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