vlcsurfacert_0It is safe to say that despite all the initial fuss and hype, Microsoft’s Surface tablets aren’t doing as well as Microsoft would have liked, forcing the company to slash prices and write-down inventory. Unfortunately due to Microsoft being a public company, not only do they have their customers to answer to, but they also have their investors to answer to and it seems that some of them are not too happy, and have recently filed a lawsuit against Microsoft to hold them accountable for their failings and accusing them of engaging in false and misleading statements regarding Surface sales.

According to the lawsuit, the investors claim that prior to Microsoft announcing the write-down, they should have already known that was going to happen and that Microsoft should have said something earlier which would have then allowed the investors to make a better decision with their investments. While it does sound somewhat reasonable, the trick here would be to prove when exactly did Microsoft know that the Surface RT wasn’t doing as well which might be a pretty hard thing to do, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled nonetheless. Perhaps Microsoft’s next-gen Surface will be able to become a success and appease their customers and investors.

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