Just the other day we reported that a video had surfaced where Apple’s rumored iPhone 5C was put through a scratch test to see how durable its plastic body really was. Now a new video has surfaced in which the iPhone 5S in a champagne/gold finish is put through a scratch test of its own. This video might be of more interest to would-be iPhone 5S owners especially since early iPhone 5 units have been reported to be pretty susceptible to scratches, which hopefully Apple will be able to address in the upcoming iPhone 5S through better quality materials or a better manufacturing process.


This video basically attempts to see if the iPhone 5S is any tougher compared to its predecessor and is pitted against objects such as coins, and in a more extreme test is scratched using a knife. Given that it is not every day that you plan to knife your device or use it as a shield against a knife, the latter test seems a little irrelevant and is just brutal, but the coin test is something worth paying attention to, especially if you put your phone in your purse or pocket where they might be loose change lying around.

So far based on the test, the champagne/gold version of the iPhone 5S appears to be able to hide scratches fairly well, since it is not as obvious compared to the black iPhone 5, where scratches contrast pretty strongly against the black finish. Obviously we expect you guys won’t be putting your phones through the ringer like the guy in the video did, but it’s good to know just how much abuse it is able to take. Apple is expected to announce both devices on the 10th of September, so check back with us then for the details.

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