Apple unveiled its new music streaming service at WWDC 2013 back in June. Prior to the announcement it was widely known as iRadio, Apple actually ended up calling it iTunes Radio. The service is believed to be a tough competitor for Pandora, whereas Pandora believes that the service only brings Apple at par with other music streaming services. Apple hasn’t announced as yet when it intends to launch iTunes Radio. A new report from AdAge claims that the launch will take place next month. To generate revenue, video and audio ads will be served to users.

The report says that Apple will serve an audio advertisement every 15 minutes. A video hour will be served every hour. The video ads will only be shown when its most likely that the user is looking at the display of their device, such as when they’ve just tapped on play or any other control. Launch advertisers are said to include Nissan, Pepsi, Procter & Gamble and McDonald’s. Ads will only be served to free users of iTunes Radio. Those who want an ad-free experience will have to subscribe to iTunes Match, which costs $25 per year. How do you feel about ads in iTunes Radio? Do you think they will taint the user experience?

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