Japan is the country with the highest number of vending machines per capita, and you can just about get anything and everything from a vending machine. Apart from the usual physical sustenance that we are used to such as drinks and food, along comes this particular vending machine that takes the place of the chicken – by dispensing eggs, of course. I guess vending machines work in that part of the world because there might not be 24-hour convenience stores located at each block when you are in larger towns and cities around Japan.

Operating this particular vending machine is a snap, as all you need to do is insert the right amount of coins in it, select your eggs and press a button. These eggs will not rely on the power of gravity to descend, but rather, each carton of eggs can be retrieved through their individual compartments via the plastic doors that open wide upon the button press. The asking price is definitely higher than what one would pay at the grocer’s, but convenience always comes at a cost, doesn’t it?

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