kickstarter-downsouthCrowdfunding site Kickstarter, traditionally the domain of North America, looks set to expand their horizons a long way away from home – that is, they have now added a new subdomain labelled Australia, which would mean that the crowdfunding platform will eventually be opened to Australia and New Zealand. As to the exact date, that remains to be seen, although sometime “in the very near future” is something that everyone loves to hear. There will be a couple of events that will be hosted sometime early next month, and these events will be carried out with the intention of educating potential creators as well as interested backers in how Kickstarter works.

It is encouraging to see ideas such as Kickstarter begin small and growing to a global scale, and what started off as a US-only scheme eventually extended across the Atlantic to the UK, and from September onwards, it will also be available in Canada. Previously, Australian creators were required to own a bank account in one of these territories in order to make use of the service, but I guess with Kickstarter all set to launch Down Under, one no longer needs to go through such a hassle. Do you think that there should be a Kickstarter Asia?

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