kindle-fire-mediatekIt seems that the entry-level Kindle Fire tablets from Amazon will be easy on the pockets and bank balances as well, as those are rumored to arrive with MediaTek-made mobile chipsets from next year onwards. If this particular rumor were to be true, then it would most definitely be a “win” for the chip maker which happens to be based in Taiwan. After all, MediaTek is right now a household name in Asia (with China making up most of the bulk), where it acts as a chipset supplier for plenty of ‘white box’ mobile devices, which being a leading supplier for the up-and-coming Chinese mobile brands.

So far, we do know that Sony, Acer, and LG might be mulling over the possibility of throwing their lot with MediaTek down the road, having already included MediaTek chipsets in some of their more affordable handsets to date. Should Amazon’s Kindle Fire (2014 model) come with a MediaTek chipset, it would be a huge win for the latter, where brand-name recognition is concerned. The chipset that would most probably debut then would be the MediaTek MT8135, which happens to be based on ARM’s big.LITTLE design, in a similar manner as that of the Samsung Exynos Octa.

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