Earlier this month, 4J Studios said they were putting the final toucheson their Title Update 12 for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Since then, the full changelog of Title Update 12 was released, but we have still yet to hear of an official release date for the long-awaited title update. The truth is – even 4J Studios doesn’t know when Title Update 12 will see the light of day.


4J Studios took to Twitter earlier this week to give an update to the release of Title Update 12 as we know many of Minecraft’s rabid fans have been waiting for its release. The tweet echoes the same message they’ve been saying for the past couple of days, pretty much when they know it’s coming out, they’ll let the world know. “As soon as we know when TU12 is coming out, we’ll let you know. #MinecraftXBLA”

Title Update 12 was sent to Microsoft for certification on August 9, and apparently is still going through the certification process, which means there’s no official release date for the update. So at this point, all Minecraft fans can do is sit and wait in an attempt to be patient while Microsoft does its thing and is able to certify Title Update 12.

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