NECTerrainSmartphonejun21Sometime slightly after the middle of this month, we did report that NEC would be kissing goodbye to the smartphone market, and this is because NEC’s smartphone division did not perform well enough to warrant the justification of its existence. For those of you who recently picked up the NEC Terrain from AT&T, now is not the time to panic, as NEC has reassured customers that current smartphone models will still be supported for the time being, although they did not lay down a concrete date as to when all support will be stopped sometime in the future. This is a bummer, since NEC is the company that developed the first water-cooled smartphone in the world.

NEC will, however, continue to develop and produce conventional mobile phone handsets which we mentioned in our previous story this month, as these tend to be hugely popular in emerging markets and the like. Not only that, NEC will not be bidding adieu to the tablet market, as they are set to roll out new tablets in the future, although we do keep our fingers crossed that the tablet division will not share a similar fate as with the smartphone team in due time. Seriously though, how many people do you know own a NEC smartphone?

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