Last month Netflix announced that it would be launching multi-user profiles this summer. Despite the fact that a subscription to Netflix only costs $8 per month, many subscribers are likely to share their subscriptions with family members or friends. Sharing one profile meant that all users would have to deal with suggestions and recommendations that were generated based on everyone’s viewing habits. Multiple profiles on a single account will allow each user to have his or her own profile, and thus his or her own set of personalized suggestions and recommendations.

Individual user profiles will also have their own Recently Watched lists and Instant Queue. Each profile can also be connected to Facebook so as to pull in personalized suggestions from friends on the social network. Netflix says that user profiles will roll out for iOS, Apple TV and other devices such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and new Blu-ray players and Smart TVs in the next few days. Support for Android and Nintendo Wii has also been promised. It was only a couple of days ago when we spotted multi-user profiles popping up in Apple TV, the feature is now finally being rolled out for everyone.

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