Internet icon Yahoo looks set to get a totally new logo by the time September 4th rolls around, and this would mark a milestone since it would be the first time its distinctive logo would have undergone a change in nearly twenty years. The exclamation mark has extraordinary staying power, however, as Yahoo will be showcasing 30 different logos on its homepage throughout the course of the next four weeks, and when September 4th arrives, one out of the 30 logos will take over as the new corporate logo, as Jon Swartz of USA Today reports.

While the final decision has yet to be made, the company intends to show off various looks to reflect its so-called “renaissance” under its new CEO, Marissa Mayer. The video above, known as “30 days of change” is part of a marketing campaign that will hopefully deliver a bold, new look at the end of it. Do you think you will like or loathe the new logo when it finally rolls out? Only time will tell. What was your reaction to Microsoft’s new logo after 25 years? You can check out what could possibly be Yahoo’s new logo right after the jump.


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