nintendo-3dsWhile the Nintendo Wii U might not be the best selling console at the moment, and which only managed to sell 160,000 units in the past quarter, the Nintendo 3DS on the other hand appears to be doing quite well, although it might have taken Nintendo awhile to get there. According to a recent statement made by Nintendo, they have claimed that in the month July, the Nintendo 3DS actually went on to be the best-selling video game system. While Nintendo declined to share the numbers, they claim that the console saw and increase of sales by 14% over July in 2012.

It’s interesting because not too long ago, several Nintendo executives actually blamed the 2011 Tohoku earthquake as one of the reasons why both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U units weren’t selling as well as they should have, although we can’t help but think perhaps the price cuts Nintendo made to the 3DS aided its success. Unfortunately for gamers who were hoping Nintendo might take a similar stance with the Wii U, you could be in for a wait as Nintendo’s president recently stated that price of the Wii U was not an issue.

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