If there’s one thing that makes products sell even better than upgrades or new features – you can’t seem to go wrong with price reduction. If you need any proof, look no further than the HP TouchPad. Another company that cut the prices for its product not too long ago was Nintendo with its price reduction for the Nintendo 3DS. After the drop to $169.99 back in August, it looks like sales of the handheld console have sky rocketed.

In a press release from Nintendo today, it has been reported that sales for the Nintendo 3DS in the US have shot up 260% ever since the price cut. In the month of August alone, Nintendo managed to push over 235,000 units of the 3DS off the shelves – a huge increase compared to the measly amount sold in a comparable 19-day period in July.

I guess Nintendo should have sold the console at that price in the first place – but hey, at least they learnt from their mistakes and fixed it before it was too late to do anything. After rumors of a new portable console arriving next year, I wonder if we’ll be seeing another price cut soon.

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