occulus-vr-03While the Oculus Rift has shown itself to be a device that can offer up immersive gameplay even with games that might not necessarily need it, there’s one thing we have to wonder and that is could someone get sick while using the headset? Well apparently that is a problem and the issue has been coined “simulator sickness” and it is a problem that the Oculus Rift team is working to resolve. According to company’s VP of products, Nate Mitchell, “In motion sickness there’s all this motion but you don’t visually perceive the walls and ceilings are moving,” and he has described simulator sickness as being the inverse.


Mitchell lists several scenarios in which simulator sickness could occur, such as moving backwards on quick lateral movement, changes in altitude like staircases, minimal shifts to the horizon line, and possibly even head bobbing (which personally I am not a fan of). The team behind Oculus Rift are currently trying to research the problem themselves and see if they can come up with some kind of solution, and here’s hoping that they do for the sake of gamers around the world who might otherwise prefer their floors to be throw-up-free.

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