ouya-thank-youBased on our experience, product launches rarely go the way many companies intend. For example the demand could be greater than expected thus leading to customers waiting for their products to arrive, or there could be some hardware defects that lead to a lot of unhappy customers, or buggy software that kind of kills the overall experience, and the OUYA Android gaming console is not excluded as the console faced a bit of delay, missing its intended 4th of June rollout. While the console has slowly been making its way into the hands of its customers, the people behind the console have not forgotten the hurdles and the various unhappy customers and have since issued an apology, and are reimbursing customers.

In a forum post, OUYA stated that they thought it wasn’t “OK” that some of the console’s loyal supporters only got their console after it arrived on shelves, even though the plan was for some of these backers to get the console a tad bit earlier. There were also issues with customer service that OUYA ran into, bugs, and whatnot and the company has since announced their plans to offer up $13.37 (1337 in game-speak) in store credit that they can use towards purchases of games and other items. For more information on how to redeem the credit or to see if you’re eligible, hit up the OUYA forums for the details.

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