When it comes to outfits, there’s usually an appropriate outfit for every occasion, such as one worn for sports, one for work, one for formal meetings, and etc. However if you’re the sort of person who’s schedule is packed to the max, constantly changing seems rather inefficient, not to mention it could rack up a pretty expensive laundry bill, so what do you do? Well the Plexus concept could be the answer to your problem. This shirt concept was designed by Vernon Chen and Joanne Lim Jin Xuan where the shirt will be able to morph into an appropriate look based on the occasion.

The designers imagine that shirts of the future will be held together via pixelated nano-particles and will be able to adapt to the wearer’s surroundings. In the video above, the shirt morphs from a casual running shirt to a coat/shirt/tie look. Granted the final result is hardly the most appropriate for formal business meetings, it is still a pretty awesome concept nonetheless. Of course it is safe to say that this shirt does not exist yet, but what do you guys think? Perhaps switching from casual to formal isn’t the best idea, but if you’re looking to switch up design or colors during the day, the Plexus shirt concept might do the job.

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