While Google Glass would not be an impulse purchase for most of us (with the definition of “impulse purchase” here meaning anything that can be bought for less than $500 on a whim), this does not mean that the augmented reality pair of glasses is not going to be in demand. No sir, word has it that Google Glass is being lined up to take point in the new “war” that involves augmented reality applications. One developer, in fact, managed to work on a rather cool looking video game that you see above which could usher in a new era and way of gaming. PSYCLOPs is a game created by Sean McCracken, where it will overlay a shooting game over the real world, resulting in a mobile gaming experience which corresponds with the Glass wearer’s head movements.

While PSYCLOPs remains under wraps at the moment since it is in its early stages, McCracken claims that the final version would eventually end up “like a 3D Space Invaders mixed with Missile Command.” As for the game’s mechanics, McCracken shared, “…you have to look and lock on to alien ships to destroy them. You have to follow them until you see 3 Circles appear for lock. You have 60 seconds to destroy as many as you can. You have to look into the Sky to find the Alien Ships.”

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