I guess you can say that it is a common assumption that men tend not to like to discuss about their health with others, perhaps because there is a macho persona to protect. What is discussed even more rarely would be the health status of the family jewels, as that seems to be a no-no, even among my mates. The U.K.’s Male Cancer Awareness Campaign hopes to change such a mindset and have guys to start to talk about testicular cancer, simply because this is a disease that can be cured should it be caught early enough. In an effort to advocate cancer awareness, the group decided to work with Irish actor Chris O’Dowd in an Indiegogo campaign, in order to raise adequate money for ‘SkyBalls’. The name itself sounds like something out of a South Park episode, where it is actually a hot air balloon that has been shaped like testicles as you can see in the video above.

I am quite sure that the scrotum-shaped balloon would no doubt be the ‘ultimate awareness tool,’ where it is tipped to last for a good 10 years, providing the opportunity for folks to start talking about testicular cancer. This balloon itself costs £100,000, and it will come with the #CheckYourBalls hashtag so that men are encouraged to spare more thought to their scrotal health, and hopefully, to talk about it with other men and make the subject less awkward to approach. Certainly beats the other stuff that fly in the sky which we talked about previously.

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