We’ve talked about the stem cell hamburgerin the past and have even reported on its ground-breaking taste testwhich took place today where University of Maastrict researcher Mark Post would allow a number of guests to wrap their mouths around this artificially engineered meat. The result? It tastes weird.


The BBC’s Pallab Ghosh was on the scene of the big taste test and live-tweeted the tasters’ reaction to eating the lab-grown meat. According to Ghosh, the tasters say the appearance and texture seem to be pretty close to the real thing, but the taste isn’t exactly there yet due to the absence of fat. One of the last messages Ghosh delivered from the tasters was they both really wanted some ketchup, which is an indication of just how strange the meat tastes at this point.

The lab-grown burger being safe to consume is something that should impress nearly everyone at this point considering the science behind growing it. Having the taste be off is something that can be taken care of, especially if you get the meat in the hands of a chef who knows how to properly season it.

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