All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and all good bosses do recognize the wisdom in that particular saying. In fact, that is the reason why some of the more human-oriented companies out there have a chillout room, a place where employees can blow their steam off, as well as send employees on team building activities (and company holidays or trips), too. If you want to vent some steam by yourself, you can do so with the USB Sniper Rifle, and what better way to have some fun with your colleagues than with this $100 desktop toy?

The USB Sniper Rifle happens to be powered and aimed via a USB connection to your computer as its name dutifully suggests, sporting an integrated camera so that you are able to check out exactly where your targets are on the screen itself instead of requiring yourself to be exposed to retaliation. Of course, you will most probably be able to get a couple of shots in before your “target” realizes just who is pulling the trigger (or the mouse button in this case) and retaliates accordingly. One thing’s for sure, there would be plenty of “bullets” to pick up after you are done with a particular round of shooting.

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