vine-usersTwitter’s Vine video sharing service has just achieved yet another notable milestone – they managed to hit the fabled 40 million registered users mark, definitely an achievement worth trumpeting about, considering how the number of registered users it had earlier this year in June (just a couple of months or so ago) stood at a relatively paltry 13 million. Of course, statistics can be massaged and interpreted in various manners, but that is not to detract away from this 40 million accomplishment for the Vine team, as it has been speculated that the huge surge in registered users had something to do with an Android-powered version of the app.

Not only that, you can have a gazillion registered users, but how many of them are actually active? That is the question to ask if you want to know the actual popularity level of a particular service. Earlier in June, MarketingLand check out Topsy analytics, where they noted that the number of Vine shares dropped by a dramatic amount on June 20th, which happened to be the same day that Instagram rolled out their rival video service. It seems that Instagram is still leading the pack today, where it has approximately half a dozen more “tweets” per day compared to Vine, although one also ought to take into consideration that Instagram does offer photo sharing services in addition to video.

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