It was earlier this summer when Time Warner Cable announced they would be making their TWC TV application, which is currently available on a number of mobile devices and even some set-top boxes, available onto the Xbox 360. If you’re a Time Warner Cable, you can now head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace to download the TWC TV app as it’s just officially launched.

If you’ve used an Xbox 360 version of a cable provider’s application, such as Verizon FIOS‘, then you’ll know what to expect here. The TWC TV application will support Kinect voice and gesture controls in addition to a program guide that can allow you to sort content by genre, channel names and TV show titles. The TWC TV application easily beats out Verizon FIOS’ as it includes 300 live TV channels, that is, depending on what kind of subscription you currently have.

Radio stations are also available and can be searched by genre and the TWC app allows you to view what your friends are watching, and vice-versa. At launch, the TWC TV app won’t include Time Warner Cable’s video-on demand content, but Microsoft says they’re working with the company in order to bring video-on demand to the app.

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