Microsoft’s latest gaming console is anxiously being awaited by millions around the world. The company is yet to announce when it will begin shipping units, pre-orders have seen immense consumer interest in the Xbox One. Apart from revamping the entire console, Microsoft has also made changes to the controller, which is obviously an integral part of the entire gaming experience. Major Nelson today posted a new video detailing Xbox One’s controller, with Zulfi Alam, the general manager of Xbox accessories group explaining exactly what he and his team have done with the new peripheral.

Some of the changes that were made for the Xbox One controller include a new screw-free back, an improved D-Pad, haptic feedback triggers and a redesigned battery compartment. Major Nelson reveals that over 40 improvements were ultimately implemented after the research and testing process. He says that he’s impressed by the work Alam’s team put in to focus primarily on the gamer and the gaming experience. The video, roughly seven minutes, is an interesting watch if you’re patiently waiting for your new console, even if you’re not, its quite informative nonetheless.

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