nomobileIt was just last week that Windows Phone users enjoyed a brief bout of happiness when the YouTube app made its way back into the Windows Phone Store. The happiness was short-lived as the app was once again blocked by Google with Microsoft claiming that Google was doing it on purpose and looking for reasons to prevent the app from working. There were also strange reports of how YouTube for Windows Phone ran into errors and now according to user claims on reddit, it has been noticed that YouTube has been rewriting the URLs by adding a “?nomobile=1” to them, thus causing an error which you can see in the screenshot above.

This error seems to happen to Windows Phone users although the good news is that there is a workaround. All you’d have to do is manually edit the link to remove the “?nomobile=1” portion and you should be good to go. We’re not sure if this is a genuine error that Windows Phone users are encountering, or if it is truly Google who is trying to botch Windows Phone users’ attempts at watching YouTube on their mobile devices. In any case since we do not own a Windows Phone handset we are unable to replicate the error for ourselves, but any of our readers with Windows Phone devices out there encounter this problem personally?

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