Don’t you find it absolutely annoying when you have a lot of tabs open in the browser and suddenly there’s audio blaring out of your speakers? In that scenario, it is always a headache to figure out which tab is the source of the audio, because just by glancing at the tab bar it can not be ascertained. However, one website has implemented a solution that is definitely going to be welcomed. YouTube, the world’s biggest video streaming website, will now display a “play” icon in its tab whenever a video is playing, thus allowing users to figure out in just one glance if YouTube is the source of the audio.

Spotify and Soundcloud offer similar functionality. Since YouTube videos play automatically after a link is clicked, this little addition will make a lot of difference. One may revert back to another tab after clicking on a YouTube link and would then have to locate the relevant tab. The “play” icon which is displayed alongside the favicon will definitely make it a lot easier to locate the tab. One can only hope that other websites will follow suit too.

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