Earlier today BlackBerry announced an operating loss of nearly $1 billion and revealed that it only managed to sell 3.7 million devices during the second fiscal quarter. Majority of those devices were ones running legacy OS, not BlackBerry 10, which was released earlier this year and was supposed to save the company. Its no secret that there aren’t a lot of quality apps for BB10, apps like you would find on iOS or Android. However, despite all the negative press BlackBerry has been pulling in recently, app developers are reportedly not going to jump ship any time soon.

Digitimes reports that majority of the app developers that participated in BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013 indicate that they won’t be giving up on the platform. The primary reason for this is the fact that Apple places strict restrictions on developers while Google Play Store is riddled with low quality apps. Given the relatively less number of apps on BlackBerry, developers might find it easy to break through as compared to the App Store. Nevertheless, there will be a need for BlackBerry devices on which these apps can run. The company has already said that it will tone down its product roadmap from six to four devices, and recently it has been rumored that its manufacturing partner might cut it loose.

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