The iTunes Store has become the go to destination for millions of customers around the world who wish to rent or purchase TV shows and movies. Apple allows customers to either purchase episodes of a particular TV show one at a time, or pay up front for a Season Pass which guarantees access to every episode of that show, thus providing the entire season at a better price. Noam Lazebnik of San Jose, California, a fan of AMC’s insanely popular Breaking Bad TV show, has filed a class action suit against Apple, alleging that the company engaged in false advertising.


There are 16 episodes in the final season of Breaking Bad. The season has been broken up in two parts of eight episodes, iTunes is treating the second part as an entirely different season. Thus customers who had paid for the Season Pass when Breaking Bad’s final season was announced will now have to pay $22.99 once again for the second half. The fact remains though, AMC hasn’t marketed the final season as two separate seasons. It only announced the last season of Breaking Bad which consists of 16 episodes. Lazebnik alleges that since Apple only provided eight episodes even though Season Pass guarantees access to “every episode in that season,” it has engaged in false advertising. When big companies like Apple get sued, we often see the plaintiff’s claim millions of dollars in damages. There’s something unique about this lawsuit, the plaintiff, Lazebnik, only seeks a refund for the amount he paid while being under the impression that it would entitle him to all episodes of Breaking Bad season five through an iTunes Season Pass.

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