arduino-yunFor those of you out there who have been left scratching your heads, wondering just what the heck happened to the Arduino Yun after it decided to skip out on its original June release date, fret not. The apocalypse has not arrived, and it is finally available in-store to interested parties. The Arduino Yun will retail for $69 or €52 a pop (VAT not part of the deal), where it will be different from the classic Arduino Leonardo system as it combines that with a Wi-Fi system-on-a-chip that runs on Linino.

It will be based upon the ATMega32u4 microcontroller as well as on the Atheros AR9331 running Linino, which in turn is a customized version of OpenWRT that so happens to be the most used Linux distribution where embedded devices are concerned. In a nutshell, owners of the new Arduino Yun are able to enjoy tinkering with their customized wireless access point with Ethernet, USB and a microSD memory slot. How many of you out there have already given the Arduino a shot in the past, and do you think you would enjoy the same with the new Arduino Yun? After all, the adage of better late than never certainly applies in this case, don’t you think so?

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