ev-accelerationRecords are there simply because they are meant to be broken, and you can never know just what there is in store with a bunch of young people. After all, they do see things in a fresh manner and think out of the box. Case in point, a team of students from the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, has managed to set a new world acceleration record for electric vehicles in the 0-60 category. Their electric race car, aptly known as the DUT 13 (nothing unlucky about that number, that’s for sure!) has actually managed to reduce the previous record’s mark by more than a full half-second.


Tipping the scales at a mere 320 pounds, the DUT 13 has been pictured to be an incredibly lightweight racer, even when it will feature a four-wheel drive setup. Underneath the hood lies a system of small electric motors that was used to set the new record, where each of those are capable of generating 33 horsepower, working in tandem to deliver 135 horsepower. The power-to-weight ratio allowed it to arrive at the 62.14 miles per hour mark in a mere 2.15 seconds, and this invention might just see electric vehicles make larger strides in the world of auto-racing sometime down the road.

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