Gartner, a well known analyst firm, is reportedly going to recommend to its enterprise clients that they find alternatives to BlackBerry. The firm’s Bill Menezes said in an email interview with ComputerWorld that “Gartner recommends clients take no more than six months to consider and implement alternatives to BlackBerry.” The recommendation comes after the ailing Canadian manufacturer announced that it will focus more on enterprise customers and prosumers more. Enterprise customers still account for a large part of the company’s user base, despite the fact that most major companies and even governments have now allowed devices from other manufacturers on their networks.

Menezes notes that BlackBerry isn’t going to disappear overnight, which is why they’re there’s “probably a six month window” to consider and then implement alternatives. Gartner will deliver a full report with three recommended courses of action to clients who use BlackBerry Enterprise Service and BlackBerry devices soon. It obviously can’t be speculated right now what BlackBerry’s enterprise customers will choose as an alternative, every customer will have their own set of preferences and requirements. Seeing as how they’re crucial for its survival, the company will probably try to keep them on for as long as it can. BlackBerry has already said that it will reduce its device lineup from six to four models, and that they’ll be focusing on enterprise customers. The company has received a $4.7 billion takeover bid, despite that, its future is still uncertain as its BlackBerry 10 devices struggle to become relevant in the global smartphone market.

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