ScreenShot1Embargoed9-24-730x506YouTube comments are typically trollish and pretty funny at times, but it looks like Google has decided to revamp the comments section on YouTube, making it more relevant and engaging for the viewer. Typically YouTube comments are shown in terms of recency, meaning that the most recent comments are shown at the top, so sometimes you see fragments of conversations which you’d then have to back track through multiple threads to get the context of what’s going on.

However with the revamp, Google is looking to make YouTube comments more relevant to you and this will show comments from people you might know or who have interacted with, or who have good standing in the community, or those who leave comments and are having an engaged discussion. It will also see deeper integration with your Google+ account, so if you were to link a YouTube video on your Google+ account along with a description, your description will show up on YouTube as a comment, and replies to your post will be shown as comments as well.

Users will also have the ability to share their comments with their circle of friends, so it is possible that even the creator of the YouTube video will not be able to see the comment that you have posted. Sounds like an interesting update, but what do you guys think?

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