honda-micro-commuter-1[CEATEC 2013] Toyota has their i-ROAD, and Honda will certainly not just sit back and do nothing at all about such a situation. After all, they do happen to be rivals on the motoring front, and it is hence not surprising to see that Honda has come up with what they call the Honda Micro Commuter. The Micro Commuter remains a prototype at the moment, and what we like about it is the modular ability to replace the upper segment of the ride.

This variable design platform will cater to all ages who find the design appealing, where a person who tends to transport a whole lot of goods might want an open top so that longer items like a ladder and a self-assembling cupboard or cabinet can fit, while families with young children can opt for a more rounded top so that there is an adequate amount of space for everyone. The elderly could settle for a more boxed like enclosure so that they have greater visibility and with it, a higher sense of security. It all boils down to your budget, where practical considerations can move to the luxurious.

A lithium-ion battery will power the Honda Micro Commuter, and the entire ride measures 2500mm in length, is 1,250mm wide and 1,445mm tall. It has a maximum speed of 80km/h and the battery ought to be able to deliver a range of 60km, tops, so you really ought to figure out ways to drive in a far more efficient manner if you want to maximize the entire ride. Needless to say, such prototypes are definitely nice to look at, but will they be able to catch on with the masses in order to gain enough popularity for a more affordable ride?

Only time will be able to tell, so you might as well enjoy the photo gallery below.

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