hamo-1The Toyota i-ROAD is an interesting people mover, and it sure as heck looks a whole lot safer (and cooler) compared to your standard moped or scooter. After all, who would not want to travel in air-conditioned comfort, and yet in a vehicle which is small enough to find some parking space at just about anywhere, in addition to being presumably electric powered (and hence letting you clock up your eco-friendly brownie points)? It will also be part of the Toyota Ha:mo system eventually – fingers crossed. Enjoy a photo gallery of the i-ROAD after the jump, where we will also bring you additional details on the coolest ride since the DeLorean (all right, so sue me!).

The Toyota i-ROAD measures 2,350mm x 850m x 1,445mm for its length, width and height, respectively. It has a wheelbase of 1,700mm and has a turning radius of a mere 3 meters, making it more than a snap for you to run around in circles, as well as to make a quick getaway when the situation calls for it even in tight areas. Tipping the scales at 300kg, it has enough room for two, although this means your date cannot hug you from behind, and I am not quite sure whether it is comfortable enough for larger sized folks.

A couple of 2kw electric motors will drive the powertrain, which means you are unable to cover long distances at a high speed since it maxes out at a mere 45km/h. The lithium ion battery itself has a cruising range of 50km, clearly making this the ideal ride to purchase if you live a few blocks away from your workplace, and rarely venture out of the neighborhood for faraway road trips. Pricing details have yet to be ascertained, and the same applies to availability. It looks pretty cool though, and hopefully charging it is not going to be an issue, either.

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