F6GIQFSH27LRI66.LARGEiPhone cases are a dime a dozen, some designed to protect, while some are designed just for show, although we think in the case of this movable gear iPhone case, it falls into the latter category. For the most part iPhone cases are typically static, but with this iPhone case that was designed by Danny Tasmakis, it features a series of gears that can always move when you touch it! For those who have itchy hands or who must always be constantly doing something with their hands, we expect this case will be for you. We reckon it will also make a great conversational piece, and a pretty unique iPhone case at the same time.

Now the interesting part is that if you own a 3D printer or if you have access to a 3D printer, you can actually print out the case and assemble it yourself. However for those who’d rather not go to the hassle of doing that, you will be able to purchase the case fully assembled on his website. According to Tasmakis, the case was designed for engineers, designers, and mechanically-minded people whom we assume can appreciate such a design, but at the same time we don’t see why regular folks can’t enjoy it as well!

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