bomb-detecting-laserBomb sniffing dogs are marvelously trained creatures, but when it comes to such dangerous work, any help would be more than welcome. In a project that was funded by the Department of Homeland Security, the whole idea is to perform a research into producing a bomb-detecting laser that will see action at transportation security checkpoints. This research is being performed at the moment at Michigan State University, and the team is helmed by Marcos Dantus, MSU chemistry professor and founder of BioPhotonic Solutions. The whole idea of this bomb detecting laser is to be able to detect even minute traces of chemicals that are normally components of explosives, to be found on both luggage and clothing.

Dantus shared, “Since this method uses a single beam and requires no bulky spectrometers, it is quite practical and could scan many people and their belongings quickly. Not only does it detect the explosive material, but it also provides an image of the chemical’s exact location, even if it’s merely a minute trace on a zipper.” This particular low energy laser will most probably be placed in an area such as a conveyor belt, which is illustrated on X-ray scanners that currently see action at airport security checkpoints worldwide, and has been deemed to be safe for use on passengers and luggage.

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