ps4-gta5Man, is it me, or is the world just enamored with GTA 5? After all, the game is about to be launched real soon, and we have already reported a fair amount of controversy surrounding the pre-launch days of GTA 5. Hopefully this will be the last piece on GTA 5 before the day is over, as whispers on the street have it that leaked GTA 5 configuration code has pointed out to the possibility that there might be PS4 as well as PC versions of the game in the future.


The alleged code that you see above is said to have been obtained from a pirated Xbox 360 version of the game. A couple of screen-grabs do point to relevant sections of code, where the PC code seems to be rather obvious, and just in case you are wondering what “Orbis” stands for, it would happen to be the original code name of the PS4 in the earlier days when dev kits were being sent out to developers. Of course, all of this that you read and see at the moment might just be a good fake, so do take it with a grain of salt (or less, depending on how true you wish it to be) until something official is announced.

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