We know how many people are looking forward to living life off on Mars, especially when you consider just how bad things have been getting on Earth lately with all of the changes in temperature as well as the gallons of radioactive fluid that’s being dumped into our ocean every day. People want off of this planet, which is why we weren’t so surprised to hear over 100,000 people signed up for the Mars One project last month. It turns out that total doubled as over 200,000 applications were received by the Netherlands-based private spaceflight project Mars One, and for the next several months, they’ll be narrowing down the applicants.

The Mars One project is setting a goal of 24 to 40 people to be chosen for its planned 2023 mission to colonize Mars. Once the group is selected from applications sent in from over 140 countries, the chosen few will begin their seven-year training program starting in 2015. Once the training process is complete, the Mars One project will work with SpaceX to hopefully send the selected participants to Mars in teams of four beginning in 2023. We just hope those who are selected for the possible colonization of Mars are aware it’ll be nearly impossible to get a decent slice of pizza for a couple of years.

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