Yes, we do know that Microsoft recently introduced a couple of tablets for the masses – the Surface 2 as well as the Surface Pro 2, and we have also had our hands-on review with both of them. Well, it seems that the company has also shown off a longer commercial which will further explain the tablet range’s unique capabilities, but unfortunately the ad does not really clarify just when it happens to be referring to the Surface 2, and when is it talking about the Surface Pro 2.

One ought to look into the past to remember that Microsoft’s original Surface commercials happened to pay close attention to the optional Touch and Type Covers, while the Surface 2 commercial tends to showcase mainly on the tablets’ features. We do know that Microsoft hopes that their updated tablets will see action in a wide variety of environments, including when one is taking notes diligently in a classroom using Microsoft Word, or to draw on a photo with Adobe Photoshop. The ad’s narrator, er, narrated, “This is not just a tablet – it has a click-in keyboard and Microsoft Office, so you can do real work.” Yeah, does that refer to the Surface 2, or the Surface Pro 2? One can only warrant a guess.

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