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NFL Teams To Use Surface Pro 2 Tablets To Review Games On The Sidelines
In the past, NFL teams used to rely on printed materials and photographs to help discuss strategy, look at formations, and so on. However it seems that the practice could be on its way out, thanks to an effort by the NFL and Microsoft. The latter will be providing the NFL with a bunch of Surface Pro 2 tablets for use on the field.The tablets can be used by NFL […]

Microsoft Reportedly Removing Surface Pro 2 Units From Stores
The Nokia Lumia 2520 is Nokia’s effort at launching a Windows-based tablet, but now that Nokia officially belongs to Microsoft, what does this mean for the Lumia 2520 series? Could the Lumia 2520 be the first and last Windows tablet from Nokia? Maybe, maybe not, as some are speculating that perhaps a new Lumia tablet could be on its way.According to the folks at Windows Phone Central, they have heard […]

Surface Pro 2 Prices Being Trimmed Ahead Of Surface Pro 3 Launch
In a bid to move any remaining inventory, Microsoft has trimmed the prices of its Surface Pro 2 tablets as the next generation Surface tablet launches in a few days time. The move comes after Microsoft cut the tablet’s prices in the UK last month, and may also be doing the same in France and a few other countries. Customers in the U.S. will also be able to pick up the Surface […]

Surface Pro 2 WiFi Issues Persist Ahead Of New Surface Announcements
In a few days’ time, Microsoft is expected to announce a new Surface tablet, or tablets, if you believe that a Surface Pro 3 could be launched alongside the rumored Surface mini. While that’s great news to those who are looking forward to either tablet, it seems that Microsoft has yet to fix some issues on the Surface Pro 2 that users have been complaining about for months.This issue is […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Purchase Comes With Free Controller, 2 Games
I guess some of us gamers out there are waiting patiently for the day when Microsoft would finally introduce an Xbox gaming version of its Surface tablets, but in the mean time, why not focus on something that is in the here and now? I am referring to picking up a spanking new Microsoft Surface Pro 2, where each purchase will now be accompanied by freebies such as a free […]

Surface Pro 2 Users Experiencing Slow WiFi When Bluetooth Is Enabled
It seems that there have been a series of complaints regarding the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet. According to the reports, users are complaining that WiFi speeds on their tablets slow down dramatically whenever Bluetooth is enabled. We can only imagine this is very annoying especially if Bluetooth is a feature that you use quite often.According to one complaint on the Microsoft official support forum, “I have Bluetooth wireless audio […]

Surface Pro 2 Tablets Apparently Still Using Older Processors
Earlier this year we reported that Microsoft had quietly updated its Surface Pro 2 tablets with a new processor, specifically that of the Intel Core i5-4300U clocked at 1.9GHz. This is compared to the first iteration of the Surface Pro 2 tablet that was clocked slightly slower at 1.6GHz and ran on an Intel Core i5-4200U processor.Given that we heard about these changes in January, we’d have expected that Microsoft […]

Surface 2 Tablets Back In Stock On Microsoft Store Website
Last month it was reported that the online Microsoft Store had sold out of most Surface 2 tablets one week prior to Christmas. It was unclear why the company was struggling to meet demand, that too in a lucrative period such as the holiday season. Most models have actually been sold out online for a few weeks now, just one model of both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablet […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Released Once Again
Back in December, Microsoft rolled out a firmware update for the Surface Pro 2 tablet. Soon after the roll out, users complained about failed installations, and those who had been able to install the update, complained about a plethora of issues caused by said update, thus Microsoft abruptly pulled it. This update was part and parcel of the company’s December package of Surface updates, however it was pulled so that […]

Microsoft Quietly Upgrades Surface Pro 2 Tablets With Newer Processors
Planning on getting your hands on a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet? Well you might want to hold off on doing so just yet, at least for a week or two because according to reports, it seems that Microsoft has quietly upgraded the CPU of the Surface Pro 2 tablet, giving it a bump in clock speed as well in terms of features, which oddly enough the company did not […]

Microsoft Could Release Surface Pro 2 Update Earlier Than Expected
Just last week we reported that Microsoft had pulled the Surface Pro 2 update and while that’s fine, what was not cool was the fact that Microsoft had planned to release the update after the holiday season, meaning that Surface Pro 2 owners were in for a wait and could only expect the update come January 2014. Well the good news is that Microsoft seems to have heard the disgruntled […]

Microsoft Pulls Surface Pro 2 Update
Heads up Surface Pro 2 owners, it seems as though there is a problem with the latest update that Microsoft had issued on the 10th of December 2013, which has since prompted the company pull the update. Microsoft was not specific on what the problems were, but apparently it was affecting enough users to the point where they had to pull it from their servers, lest it starts affecting on […]

Microsoft Surface 2 Receives Updates To Improve Battery Life And More
In the latest round of Patch Tuesday software updates, Microsoft has rolled out updates for its new Surface 2 Windows RT 8.1 powered tablet. A lot of things have been improved through the update, including but not limited to the battery life. Last month Microsoft released a battery life improvement update for the Surface Pro 2 that brought a significant change, so it will be interesting to see just how […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update Improves Battery Life Significantly
Back in September Microsoft unveiled its next generation Surface tablets, the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2. Both tablets were released to the public on October 22nd. Soon after the Surface Pro 2 became available, Microsoft released a firmware update for the tablet. The update was meant to improve battery life, and it did so by quite a margin. Basically, through the update, the Marvell Wi-Fi solution in Surface Pro […]