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Microsoft Paying Up To $150 For RT Tablet Owners Who Upgrade To Surface 3
We know for sure now that Windows RT has reached the end of the road and that Microsoft will not be reviving this iteration of its operating system. The company filled the gap with Surface 3, a relatively cheap new tablet that goes in sale in the country today. Microsoft is offering to pay up to $150 to anyone who trades in their old Windows RT powered tablet for a […]

Surface 3 Tablet Will Reportedly Tout A Full Version Of Windows
Microsoft launched the Surface 2 tablet back in 2013. Last year the company launched the Surface Pro 3 but didn’t say if it would be launching a Surface 3. The “Pro” models are expensive and aimed at customers who want a powerful package with full Windows. The vanilla Surface models were cheaper and powered by Windows RT. A new report today claims Microsoft is working on the Surface 3 tablet […]

Microsoft Surface 2 Manufacturing Has Ceased
Microsoft’s Surface 2 tablet has been out for a couple of years now and has since been succeeded by the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which is why we guess it doesn’t come as a complete shock to find out that Microsoft will no longer be manufacturing the tablet, so if you are still looking for the Surface 2, you will need to try your luck at retailers who might still […]

Surface 2 Helped Microsoft’s Tablet Market Share Increase By 60%
The Surface 2 tablet from Microsoft is more than a year old now, and earlier this year, we have even seen Microsoft introduce a $100 price cut to this particular tablet in an effort to perhaps clear out its inventory. All in all, the Microsoft Surface 2 has not really managed to meet the kind of sales figures that the iPad from Apple did (in all of its different variations), […]


Microsoft Surface 2 Listed As Out Of Stock
It does take a certain sense of wisdom to know when to retire gracefully, and that is a question that athletes tend to ask themselves if they are at the top of their game for a while and start to see chinks in the proverbial armor. Having said that, the Microsoft Surface 2, which is out on the market for close to a year, might soon be phased out, especially […]

Surface 2 Gets $100 Price Cut
For those who have been looking out to get a Microsoft Surface 2, perhaps now is the best time to be able to do so. After all, how does a $100 price cut sound for the Microsoft Surface 2? This means the 32GB model will now cost you $349.99. Do bear in mind that this is the ARM variant of Windows, so do not think of it as gimped in […]

Canadian College Handing Out Surface 2 Tablets To Students
When it comes to tablets used in the education space, it boils down to personal preference as well as the type of educational/teaching apps that are available for a particular platform. So far we’ve seen how iPads, Android tablets, and Windows-based tablets are favored across the board, ranging from institution to institution.Recently the good news for students planning on attending the Canadian career training institute CDI College is that they […]

Microsoft Convinces 12 Year Old Girl To Get The Surface 2 Over The iPad Mini
Naturally in a family there are those who use Android, those who use iOS, some who prefer BlackBerry, some might prefer Windows Phone, and so on. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer her since it all boils down to personal preference, but one dad thought he would be able to convince his daughter to get a Microsoft Surface tablet instead of an iPad mini.

Microsoft Surface 2 With LTE Tablet Arriving March 18
It is a no brainer that the Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE connectivity will arrive in a matter of time, but the main question on everyone’s minds would be this – when? Apparently, the Microsoft Surface 2 with LTE tablet is set to arrive on March 18, which is tomorrow, where it will play nice with AT&T’s 4G LTE network while sporting 64GB of internal memory, with an asking price […]

Surface 2 With LTE Spotted At The FCC
Back in October 2013, Microsoft launched their brand new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets. Both tablets offered up WiFi connectivity but at the same time, we’re sure that many wouldn’t mind if the tablets came with an LTE option. After all not everywhere provides WiFi and tethering to your phone is a good and quick way to use up your data. The good news was that during an […]

Surface 2 Tablets Back In Stock On Microsoft Store Website
Last month it was reported that the online Microsoft Store had sold out of most Surface 2 tablets one week prior to Christmas. It was unclear why the company was struggling to meet demand, that too in a lucrative period such as the holiday season. Most models have actually been sold out online for a few weeks now, just one model of both Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablet […]

Microsoft Targets The Galaxy Tab In Ad This Time Around
We have seen just how cheeky Microsoft can get by targeting some of the rival tablets in its ads recently, where the Surface RT was seen firing a salvo at the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 from Samsung, while Apple’s iPad Air was not exempted either, as it was compared to the Surface 2. This time around, we have seen Microsoft aim their crosshairs at the Samsung Galaxy Tab, where said […]

New Microsoft Surface RT Ad Takes Aim At The Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
It was just yesterday that Microsoft decided to treat us to a video in which the company’s Surface 2 tablet was compared against the likes of the iPad Air. This was shortly after Microsoft’s latest Scroogled campaign and also shortly after Nokia released a video of their Lumia 2520 that poked fun at the iPad Air as well. In any case it looks like Microsoft is back again and this […]

Microsoft Releases New Surface 2 Ad Targeting The iPad Air
Microsoft seems to be on a roll these days when it comes to poking fun at their competition. Earlier we saw how Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign dismissed the Google Chromebook as a proper laptop, and now we are seeing how Microsoft is taking yet another shot at Apple’s iPads, comparing the company’s own Surface 2 tablet against it. We suppose it’s become common knowledge that the iPad does not sport the […]