Microsoft has already announced that it is acquiring Nokia’s core phone business for more than $7 billion. The deal hasn’t actually been closed as yet, its expected to take more than a couple of months. Eldar Murtazin, who predicted over two years ago that Nokia will sell its core business to Microsoft, claimed in a series of tweets that Redmond is apparently pushing Nokia to cancel a few of its upcoming products, one of which is the Windows RT tablet codenamed “Sirius.”

Murtazin says that Microsoft telling Nokia what to do at this point in time is like it acting like it “already own the company.” It should be noted though that there’s absolutely no confirmation that Nokia is indeed being pressurized to stop its tablet from ever coming out even though the business isn’t technically under Microsoft right now, this is a rumor from one source and should be treated that way. Murtazin also claims that Microsoft wants half of the budget Asha touchscreen phones to be stopped as well. There has been no official comment from either Microsoft or Nokia on these rumors. Nokia’s “Sirius” tablet has been making the rounds online quite a bit, the company is expected to launch it in the coming months.

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