Cortana's_look_in_Halo_4While Apple did make some waves during their initial demo of Siri, the voice assistant feature that debuted with the iPhone 4S, what Siri failed to do was live up to expectations, although slowly over time it has improved somewhat. In the meantime other companies such as Google have introduced their own voice assistant features for its Android operating system, and now it looks like Microsoft could be interested in something similar as well. According to reports, Microsoft is working on something similar to Siri and it has been codenamed Cortana.

Given Cortana is a character from the Halo franchise, we guess it isn’t surprising that this is the name Microsoft chose. Cortana is expected to be an overhaul to the TellMe service and to find out Microsoft is working on a Siri competitor isn’t all that surprising. Back in July it was revealed that Microsoft had plans for such a feature, but would only release it when they considered it to be “revolutionary” to the point where it is expected to blow the competition out of the water right out of the door. Cortana is expected to debut with Windows Phone 8.1 so it shouldn’t be too long until more is revealed. Until then what do you guys think? Will Microsoft’s attempt be a more successful one?

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