moto-x-review-12While the major carriers in the US and AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, they aren’t necessarily for everyone as more regional carriers could offer better rates, plans, and coverage for some areas. Well if you’ve been a loyal US Cellular subscriber, you’re in luck as US Cellular has announced that the pre-orders of the Moto X have come to an end and that the handset will now be available for purchase via US Cellular’s website starting today, and for those who’d rather purchase the phone in the store, the handset will be available via US Cellular’s retail stores this Friday.

At the moment US Cellular is asking for $124.99 for the Moto X. This is the 16GB model and it only applies to new customers or existing customers looking to add a new line. For existing customers looking to upgrade, the handset will cost $199.99 for the 16GB model. The full price of the handset has been listed as $699.99 for those who wish to get it without a contract, but unfortunately there does not appear to be any option to purchase it as a prepaid device.

US Cellular customers should also note that the Moto X will be available only in either white or black, since the Moto Maker feature and customization is currently an AT&T exclusive.

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