diamond-implantsDo you prefer diamonds or gold? I guess it really depends on your personality, as well as which is worth more at that point in time. Gold teeth we have heard of, but replacing your molars with diamonds? That sounds like a pretty expensive replacement. However, nanodiamonds might play a role in your mouth sometime down the road, thanks to the researchers over at UCLA who figured out a way to use nanodiamonds as part of future dental treatments that will be stronger and better.


Nanodiamonds are not what you fit on a ring to propose to your girlfriend, but rather, they are byproducts of diamond mining, and are far smaller than regular diamonds used in jewelry. We are talking about a mere five nanometers thereabouts in diameter, but make no mistake about it, they are pretty much as hardy as their far larger diamond counterparts. Scientists hope that nanodiamonds could eventually see action in helping out dental patients who suffer from osteonecrosis, a disease that eventually breaks down your bones and teeth. Dental implants have the notoriety of falling out because of bone loss, while surgery, when required, is not only painful, but invasive to boot. It is hoped that nanodiamonds might spell an end to all of the above mentioned when it comes to treating such a condition. [Press Release]

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