Just the other day we saw a video where the iPad 5 was compared against its predecessor, followed by another video comparing the iPad mini 2 to its predecessor, and now thanks to Sonny Dickson who seems to be on a roll these days when it comes to obtaining Apple components, we have some high quality photos showing off the fifth-gen iPad that is pictured alongside its predecessor.

The fifth-gen iPad is expected to retain the same display size as the current iPad, but as you can see in the photo above (and additional photos at Sonny Dickson’s website), the fifth-gen iPad appears to be slightly smaller, possibly due to its bezels being shrunk, and with the overall tablet design taking on a look that is akin to the iPad mini where the curves are more dramatically tapered compared to the previous iPad model.

In fact in one of the photos, the new iPad can be seen being held with one hand which would have been pretty hard to do with the previous models. Apple is rumored to announce the new iPads later this year, although it will not be done at Apple’s 10th of September iPhone event. No specific dates were mentioned but if Apple were to follow the trend from last year, we expect it should be towards the end of the year.

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