Sony unveiled its new PlayStation Vita, which are not only lighter and thinner the its predecessor, but it’ll also include 1GB of internal storage as well as come in six different colors. Soon after their announcement, Sony published a video showing how the new PS Vita will interact with the PlayStation 4, although they didn’t make any comparisons with the old PS Vita. If you’ve been wondering how the new PS Vita’s LCD screen performs against the original PS Vita’s OLED screen, Twitter user Hiro_1988 published a photo recently showing both screens off while playing Ragnarok Odyssey. 

As you can see from the image Hiro published, you can see the screen on the new PS Vita displays more earthy tones when compared to the previous PS Vita model. In my opinion, I actually prefer the sharpness of the OLED screen over the new LCD screen as the previous PS Vita model looks to offer colors that seem to be a bit more what I imagine the developer would want the content to look like, rather than having everything have a slight brownish hue to it.

Remember that the new PlayStation Vita has yet to be officially released, so that means Sony still has time to fine-tune things as well as developers. We’re sure the colors could be fixed through a simple patch, so don’t start thinking negatively about the newer PS Vita until we can get a chance to see how it performs against the older PS Vita model for ourselves.

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