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LCD VS. OLED: Which Is Best, And Why
LCD and OLED are two very different display technologies that currently coexist on the mobiles and televisions markets. There are other (older) technologies such as Plasma (TV only), but right now, most users have to choose between these two. This page will give you some knowledge about both, and will highlight the differences between them — and provide a general direction for you to decide which is best for your […]

LCD Display Can Retain Image For Years Sans Power
It goes without saying that the LCD TVs which have more or less become commonplace these days, be it at homes or at public spaces and offices, are extremely efficient – and even more so with the introduction of LED backlighting. However, despite all of the various technologies involved, none of them happen to be as efficient as E Ink displays although to be fair to the TVs, E Ink […]

NVIDIA Boosts Low-Res LCD Display Performance
I suppose resolution is to displays just like how one can never have enough clothes in the wardrobe with each passing season. Having said that, the number of pixels that are being crammed into our displays – on TVs to mobile devices especially, continue to increase in due time. However, the higher the resolution, the more power consuming it is, not to mention it gets more expensive, meaning only the […]

New PS Vita LCD Screen Compared To Previous Model's OLED Screen
Sony unveiled its new PlayStation Vita, which are not only lighter and thinner the its predecessor, but it’ll also include 1GB of internal storage as well as come in six different colors. Soon after their announcement, Sony published a video showing how the new PS Vita will interact with the PlayStation 4, although they didn’t make any comparisons with the old PS Vita. If you’ve been wondering how the new PS Vita’s […]


Video Earrings Are Small LCDs That Hang From Your Earlobes
Considering how much we enjoy taking our content on the go as we can play games, watch videos and listen to music all from our mobile devices, we wonder what took so long to bring this technology to our earlobes. Actually – we didn’t wonder that, but apparently the creators behind Video Earrings did, and have created a product that is pretty much two small LCDs hanging from your earlobes.

LG Develops World’s First Quad HD AH-IPS LCD Panel For Smartphones
LG Display is no stranger when it comes to display technologies, and they have successfully scored another world’s first today with the announcement of their success in developing what they deem to be the “world’s first Quad HD AH-IPS LCD panel for smartphones.” This puppy is no slouch when it comes to visual performance – we are talking about a whopping 2,560 X 1,440 resolution with 538ppi (pixel density), all […]

Sharp Gets To Work On HiDPI IGZO LCD Panels
Japanese company Sharp was recently rumored to ramp up production of iPhone 5S displays when June 2013 rolls around, in addition to entering a strategic alliance with South Korean conglomerate Samsung recently. Well, here we are with word that Sharp is currently working on producing HiDPI IGZO LCD panels, where these panels have been touted to deliver the highest pixel density of any display that Sharp has ever made to […]

The Different Television Types Explained In 3 Minutes
It’s safe to say that there a lot of people out there who are clueless when it comes to televisions and displays. Sure you can walk into a store, see the beautiful displays on, well, display, and then when you attempt to find out what sort of television/display you are looking at, the sales person chucks tech jargon at you and you’re left feeling even more confused. For those a […]

Samsung Invests $111.6 million Into Sharp
Interestingly despite both Samsung and Sharp being competitors in the form of supplying display panels, it looks like Samsung will be lending Sharp a helping hand in the form of a $111.6 million investment. It is not news that Sharp hasn’t been doing too well recently in terms of their financials, and according to previous reports companies such as Apple, Intel, Qualcomm and even Foxconn were interested in helping out […]

HP U160 15.6-inch LED Backlit Portable Monitor
[CES 2013] The HP U160 is a USB powered notebook monitor that can be folded inside a very practical case which acts as a stand when unfolded. The thin, light and elegant body weighs only 3.4 pounds and is only 1.02 inches thick.The HP U160 looks like the perfect monitor to have when on-the-go, and during the briefing with HP, we thought that it could be a useful gadget to […]

Samsung And LG Under Fire In China
Fellow South Korean consumer electronics giants Samsung and LG were fined in their homeland in 2011 for price fixing its displays. And now the two companies are under fire in China for allegedly manipulating the prices of its flat panels. China’s National Development and Reform Commission has ordered Samsung and LG, together with four other companies, to pay a combined 353 million yuan or $56.7 million. Joining the two companies […]

Contact Lens Sports Embedded LCD Display
Wearing a pair of contact lens is something that you might want to check out if you are sick and tired of your glasses fogging up whenever you are about to dive into a piping hot bowl of noodles, or wish to swim around with a pair of goggles (non-powered ones, that is) while being able to see whether you are heading off to the deep end or not without […]

Japan Display’s LCD is paper-like yet displays video
Advancements in display technology are always more than welcome. Remember the first time you saw a color display on a mobile phone, such as the Sony Ericsson T68i? Well, fast forward slightly more than a decade, and we have seen leaps and bounds made in the world of display technology. Japan Display’s latest invention is a paper-like LCD display that is capable of showing off video as well, where the […]

AUO flashes the world's thinnest bezel display
AU Optronics, the Taiwanese TFT-LCD manufacturer, has unveiled the world’s thinnest bezel display on a smartphone. AUO harnesses its “super narrow border technology” and low temperature poly-silicon (LTPS) methodologies to significantly reduce the display border width to a mere 1mm on a 4.46-inch screen that has a 720p resolution. This, according to AUO, will make images and videos appear larger in size and better in terms of quality. “The panel […]