Microsoft recently had an internal employee only meeting and a lot of interesting information has already trickled out. It is said that Microsoft has developed a new Office Reader app that has support for various file formats. The app was reportedly demoed at the internal meeting, it is said to be a Windows 8 style app that has support for Office documents, web pages, ebooks, textbooks and PDFs.


Office Reader is said to do more than just open various file formats, it will reportedly let users interact with files as well. Apparently during the demo, it was shown that a Surface Pro stylus can be used with a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet to mark selections and even make notes in the Office Reader app. Notes are said to appear in a sidebar. Bing integration has been rumored as well, selecting text within a document will apparently invoke a Bing search, the results will then be displayed in a sidebar. Interaction with different parts of a textbook such as content or tables is also said to be possible. Office Reader app is said to be a part of the “Gemini” wave of Microsoft Office improvements which are expected to be released next year and beyond.

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