pioneer-transparent-1Advertisers are always on the lookout to find new ways to bring the message to the masses, that you ought to buy, buy, and buy even more because your life is not complete if you do not have the latest smartphone, the best tablet, the “greenest” car, or the biggest TV around. In their quest to do so, they have explored plenty of different ways of doing so, and print, audio, and multimedia have been the traditional mainstays. Well, what Pioneer has come up with as you can see above is the transparent display concept which might just appeal to shops – as it targets literal window shoppers.

Pioneer simulated a possible scenario where the audience would walk by a shop window, and assuming the presentation of the shop’s items are attractive enough, it will cause passers-by to stop and take a look. This is the traditional method, and if the passers-by are hooked, then they will take the next step to walk inside. Pioneer intends to lure them in with another capability, by making sure that these “windows”, so to speak, are also capable of displaying images which will further enhance the entire display.

I am assuming that there will be sensors on the outside that will be able to tell whether there is someone on the outside, looking in, and mulling over whether to take their chances of parting with their hard earned money inside. Perhaps a “final persuasion” through the use of a clever multimedia presentation might be able to tip the scales in favor of the shop owner? Who knows?

Right now, the concept was shown off in a shaded area, and even so the colors do look rather washed out. Will it be bright enough to see action in areas that receive plenty of bright sunlight along the way? Perhaps that day will come eventually, but we will just have to sit and wait at the moment. Right now, it ought to be good enough to be implemented indoors, and I am quite sure that many store owners in malls as well as casino-resorts will find this worth their while assuming it is affordable enough to install in the first place.

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