pokemon-xy-3ds-xlIt is now official – Nintendo has announced that the continent of North America would be on the receiving end of Nintendo 3DS XL handheld consoles that come in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y themes. You will be able to select from either blue or red shades, and these uniquely themed Nintendo 3DS XLs will launch later this month – on the 27th of September to be exact, at $199.99 a pop. These two Pokemon X and Pokemon Y-themed 3DS XL special editions were previously announced for Japan only, so it is nice to see that folks living in North America no longer need to specially import such devices over. A similar design regardless of color will see Xerneas and Yveltal featured alongside a large printed “X” and “Y”.


Of course, one ought to be aware that these special edition Nintendo 3DS XLs will not arrive as bundles, since they will not be released on the same day when Pokemon X and Y are launched. It is highly likely that both consoles will arrive in extremely limited quantities, and if history is anything to go by, previous 3DS XL designs were sold out pretty quickly, so you might want to grab your pre-order first before it goes missing soon enough.

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